Significant Achievements

Lehigh Cement – A Solid Foundation of Work with North American Millwright.

We had routinely provided services for Lehigh Cement, but our working relationship really solidified when a motor on a mill had to be removed.  Management of the Lehigh plant had two different contractors working a full day trying to resolve the issue.  Due to overhead restrictions, the motor could not be picked with a crane.  With the two contractors running out of ideas, one of the plant people knew North American Millwright had a piece of equipment that might be able to make the lift.

We responded immediately and within 20 minutes of unloading, we had the motor in the air and removed from its base.  From this mission-critical situation, Lehigh Cement began to engage North American for regular repair work and yearly scheduled maintenance outages.

Our skilled people have provided emergency repairs, some requiring around the clock strategies. We have worked with components that weigh up to a quarter-million pounds.  The relationship has strengthened over the past six years and we are now under contract through 2013 as first-call responders for all plant maintenance with as many as 35 people on site for this type work.